Пройдите тест на знание английского языка.
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I ______ got a computer but I’ve got a tablet.
I love Beyoncé! ______ her?
Sue: ______ play a musical instrument, John? John: Yes. I play the guitar.
That's Adam. He's ______ to his friend.
Chris: Where ______ you yesterday? Mary: I was at the cinema.
Angel: Messi's the ______ footballer in the world. Ricardo: No, he isn't. Ronaldo is!
I ________ to music every day.
Tina is very ______.She always helps me when I have a problem.
When I was five I ______ swim but now I can.
While we ______ to school, it started to rain.I forgot my umbrella and got wet.
I have ____________been to London. I want to go there!
If you__________ to the party, I ______ with you.
He’s a ______ He writes articles for the newspaper.
Customer: I'd like a ______ of pizza, please. Server: Of course. Here you are.
My best friend isn’t ______ my sister.
I didn’t ________like broccoli, but now I eat it every day.
Can you turn the music down, it’s ______
James: What ______ if you ______ €100 in the street? Lisa: I'd give it to the police.
I enjoyed ______ to the Art Gallery last weekend.
Mum: What's the matter? Natalie: I sang too much at the concert and now my throat is ______
I am very ______ in taking part in a chess competition next month.
If I don’t know a word I always ______ using an online dictionary.
I’ve lived in London ______ 20 years but I’ve never visited London Zoo.
By this time next week, we ______ our exams and we’ll be on holiday!
If you ______ a 10 km marathon, you ______ a medal.
I wish I ______ better for the exam.
You won a prize for your paintings, ______?
The ______ from the airport into London was expensive but quick.
______ all her emails, she switched off her computer.
We _____________protect the environment for our planet to be a better place to live.
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